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So, just when you think you’ve seen everything, the innovative people at SHARP decide to throw you a curve ball… As it turns out, none of us have ever seen the colour yellow on TV before. I found this hard to believe considering I spent the majority of my childhood prime times glued to the TV set watching the Simpsons, so… Where’s the need for SHARP to introduce us to this yellow pixel?

We need to clear something up here. There is actually a noticable difference between true yellow and the yellow displayed on current televisions. See, the way your TV displays colours is mixing a combination of 3 primary colours – red, blue and green. These 3 elements together make a single pixel, we can now call this Tri-Pixel technology, or standard pixels. The colour yellow is hard to achieve with this system, and there is a very low combination of the types of yellow you can create. The quad pixel technology takes this all one step further. It adds the yellow pixel into the pie and allows for even more combinations of colours with stunning results.

Like all new technology, theres a sore point. Because we’ve been using the standard RGB combination over the years, current signals only allow for RGB signals, so the SHARP TV must have to use processing to acheive the promised results. This isn’t a problem though, it just means there will be a wait for blu-ray players and TV signals to start encoding the yellow pixel into the signals, the exact same scenario as with 3D TV’s.

So the question we’re all asking, is it worth it? This is a hard one to answer. There is definitly a need for it in some applications, and the future needs awesomeness and giving a true mix of colours is the next logical step, but I’m still working under the impression that Homer Simpson is, and always has been yellow!

Needless to say, SHARP have always made impressive display products, and I normally get a little excited when one which comes in for repair. The quality of these things are amazing and unfortuently (for me) they don’t fail very often at all. And after seeing the demonstration model of the SHARP Quattron LED TV I’ve become very excited about the sudden innovations in television technology.

I have to applaud the television advertisment I first seen, I thought it was spot on! I figured it’ll be hard to show the benefits of a yellow pixel using a television commercial displayed on TV’s without the yellow pixel… See it for yourself.