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What’s the difference between LCD and LED TV’s? This is a question I get asked a lot, it has a very simple answer. LCD TV’s have been around for a while now, infact LCD technology was discovered in the late 1800′s. Since the 70′s we’re seeing a massive increase in their use, from calculators to watches to computer monitors and televisions.

In computer monitors and televisions the LCD panel needs to pass light through it to be able to see the image. Before LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlighting they used fluro lamps or similar lighting, this required a thick back on the unit to accomodate the lights. Now they use LED backlighting which allows a smaller cabinet for your TV (we’re talking 1-2mm thick) and more evenly distributed lighting to allow a clearer picture. LED backlighting also has a much lower environmental footprint, requring much less power to operate then standard backlighting. So essentially, your still buying an LCD TV, it’s just got a smaller profile and a different name.

Just a side note: LCD manufacturers are also doing something kind of cool. They’re allowing some LED’s to become dimmer then others actively, to allow better contrasting (deeper blacks, brighter colours) in the picture.